Hey everyone! This is Pete here – I’m a film freelancer and a photographer, currently a student at AIE studying Animation and Visual Effects. I have a kitten, Titus, a computer I’ve nicknamed “Beast”, and a Canon 5D MarkIII camera I call “Argyle”. I own and operate two companies – one for group or collaborative efforts called “Cry Havoc Media”, and one for solo endeavours – “Pete Industries”. The name came out of a joke I’d overuse, where someone would name something morally outrageous or crude and I’d nod sagely and say “We approve of *insert humourous topic here* at Pete Industries”, referring of course to myself in the third person. This has been quoted back to me a lot, and so I decided to check if anyone had used the name officially before. When it turned out I was the first, my decision was made and here we are!

Predominantly I’m a film freelancer, best at camera operation, directing, post production and visual effects. Thanks to the combination of an arguably misspent youth and creative indecision as to life direction, I have had pretty much every type of job under the sun, and have accumulated a wide range of disparate skill sets. I play the guitar badly, collect swords, cosplay, sketch environments and portraits, produce music tracks, juggle, smash it at table tennis, quality assure games, set up and record motion capture data, operate and patch tv studio equipment, program Arduino and basic computer interactivity, played as a major league gamer in the beta stages of DOTA, crossfit at the gym, garden, perform basic car repairs, studied massage, sew, rockclimb, am a great shot with a rifle and a bow and arrow, barista, operate great as a retail salesman and can lay bricks. I’m sure there are more things I can do that I’ve forgotten, but if I’ve forgotten them then I’m sure they’re not important or barely useful.

I’ve set this page up for my solo work and so that I can vent as an artist and a creative, not just a professional. I hope you enjoy what I put up here, and please provide your feedback on any and all things that interest you.

Thanks! Pete and Titus.

Pete and Titus

A Vagabond, Gym Junkie, Teacozy Wearing Wannabe Artisan